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Efficacy of Acupuncture in
Prevention of Postoperative
Nausea in Cardiac Surgery Patients
Randomized Trial of Acupuncture
to Lower Blood Pressure
A Possible Mechanism Underlying
the Effectiveness of Acupuncture
in the Treatment of Drug Addiction
(or why acupuncture works in treating
drug addiction)

United States
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Review and Analysis of Reports on
Controlled Clinical Trials, 2003:
World Health Organization
TCM Diagnosis Chart

Epigenetics and Imprinted Genes,
John Hopkins Medical Institute
“Epigenetics has always been all the weird and
wonderful things that can’t be explained by genetics.”
Denise Barlow (Vienna, Austria)

“DNA is just a tape carrying information, and a tape is
no good without a player. Epigenetics is about the tape
Bryan Turner (Birmingham, UK)

The Epigenome Network of Excellence Website
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Impossible Revisited:
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TCM Pharmacopoeia Chart
Degrees of Difference:
Exploring Autoimmune Pathologies, Biomedicine and TCM

Degrees of Difference:
Exploring Cancer Causation, Treatment Secondary Effects and TCM